The Asterie is a Hong Kong-based music unit excels in concert performance, event performance, and as a wedding band. Some of us have been playing music together for over 20 years. Acoustic music, whether traditional, oldies or recent hits, are our favourites. We play a wide variety of music styles, including pop, country, folk, jazz, latin and bluegrass. Most of us are experienced music teachers and we teach guitar, clarinet, violin, mandolin, ukulele, piano, saxophone and etc. We also do music composing, lyrics writing (Cantonese), music arrangement (vocal and instrumental), music for movies and background music creation. Interested parties please contact us at
ASTERIE 是由數位本地熱愛音樂的朋友所組成的樂隊,經常在音樂會及不同的埸地作演出。他們喜歡探索及嘗試不同音樂風格,除了民謠,亦混合拉丁、流行、鄉村音樂及bluegrass的元素於歌曲中。樂隊的另一特式,是表演時選用很多不同的伴奏樂器,包括木結他、 Mandolin (曼陀林)、Banjo (班卓琴)、Fiddle (小提琴)、Saxophone(色士風) 、 Clarinet(單簧管) 、 Melodica(口風琴)及低音結他等。樂隊的成員,大部分都是音樂老師,每位個別已經有多年的演出經驗,整體合作了超過五年,部分更合作了超過二十年,建立了很好的默契。
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